Reliquary Tower

Commander 2014

Reliquary Tower (Reliquary Tower)

Reliquary Tower é a 308ª carta da edição Commander 2014 de Magic: The Gathering. É um terreno sem cor, incomum, com baixo custo de conjuração.

Reliquary Tower carta de Magic: The Gathering
Reliquary Tower por Jesper Ejsing

Commander 2014 #308 (Incomum)



You have no maximum hand size.

t: Add 1 to your mana pool.

Once guarded by the Knights of the Reliquary, the tower stands now protected only by its own remoteness, its dusty treasures open to plunder by anyone.

Formatos de Reliquary Tower

Vintage (T1)Legado (T1.5)CommanderModerno

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